Did you know? A person dancing a Quick Step expends the same energy as a Sprinter!

The Desert Challenge Dancesport Foundation has been established to support, encourage and train students of all ages in the sport of Ballroom Dance, known as Dancesport.

We do this by establishing Dancesport Teams at Universities, Colleges, High Schools and Middle Schools. These teams will be trained in competitive ballroom dancing for couples and in competitive formation dancing. We assist them in entering appropriate Dancesport Competitions at appropriate levels so that they may gauge their progress. Our teams also perform at their respective schools and throughout the Las Vegas valley.

We also organize the Desert Challenge Inter-collegiate Dancesport Championships. This is an inter-collegiate competition that is open to all students and held the fourth weekend of April each year. This event provides students with the opportunity to gauge their progress against other student competitors, as well as meeting students with a love for ballroom dance

Check the rest of our site for information on teams and competition. If you would like additional information, or are interested in volunteering or joining us, please email us at: desertchaldance@aol.com